expert's account

Ry Moran

As the first Director of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR), Ry Moran oversees the development, growth and reach of the NCTR. His expert account of the brutal mistreatment of Indigenous children in residential schools is eye opening and disturbing. Ry explains how these facilities were like prisons. The objective was to sever relationships between parents and children.  The unsanitary conditions and inadequate medical care at these schools became a breeding grounds for chronic and infectious diseases. Those in authority—including priests, nuns and other staff—withheld food and proper nutrition from the children as a source or manipulation. Ry explains—in vivid detail—how indigenous children were seen as holding fewer rights than other kids in the society. They were seen as being a test population, less legitimate and frankly less human.

According to Ry, the path through this tragic history of residential schools must be paved by members of the indigenous community who know and understand the lasting impact of such policies.