Sometimes the most impactful stories are the ones that sneak up on you.  Never Again: A Broken Promise is a compelling documentary that draws parallels between four major genocides : The Yazidi Genocide, the Holocaust, the Rwandan Genocide and Cultural Genocide in Residential Schools.     

The film investigates how and why genocides emerge. It also trails the experience of four Canadian survivors of such atrocities. Sharing experiences builds trust and transparency and we believe that people's voices should be heard. These heart wrenching accounts are paired with interviews and insight from local scholars.


painful truth: The falun gong genocide

Painful Truth

Painful Truth unveils the pain, trauma and loss that  resulted  from persecution and organ harvesting directed at Falun Gong practitioners in China.  The film familiarizes the viewers with the Falun Gong practice and sheds light on possible excuses used to justify the persecution.  The survivors featured in this documentary now live in Canada.  They are dedicated to bringing awareness to the plight of the Falun Gong in China and they pressure the Chinese government to reform.  Viewers are encouraged to take action to stop this subtle, yet equally destructive genocide.


Get Over It: A Path to healing

Get Over It

This film exposes the health crisis facing the Indigenous community in Canada through the stories of three Indigenous women. These women who survived the residential school system in Canada take viewers through an emotional journey of abuse and trauma and exposes viewers to the negative effects of these experiences on their health.  The women's stories, intertwined with community leaders and medical experts, accounts and sheds light on possible methods that will bring healing to a suffering community.


Residential Schools and Cultural Genocide