Survivors' story

Emily's story

Emily Huang is a Chinese artist.  She was employed as an enterprise planner prior to her arrest. Her crime was practicing Falun Gong at a time when the exercise was banned in China. During her detention, she suffered cruel and inhumane treatment and was forced to work in  slave like conditions in a labour camp. Emily was tortured severely by prison guards and other prisoners. Their intention was to force her to denounce the practice of Falun Gong but Emily did not succumb to  pressure and did not denounce the practice at any point. As a result, she was denied basic necessities such and water and essential feminine products and, was punished for every perceived “violation.”Emily has scars on her wrist as a result of being tied with shackles and chains. At one point the prison guards tied her hands behind her back for 9 days. While producing UV protected umbrellas in labour camp, she worked with poisonous materials that penetrated her skin and exposed her to chemical coating. In total Emily spent three years in various detention and labour camps in China. She remembers extensive medical examinations by Chinese authorities and medical personal. She believes that the intention was to use her organs if she was found  to be a match for someone in need of an organ. 

Emily found refuge in Canada where she lives and practices her beliefs free of persecution. Her parents who still live in China are continuously harassed by Chinese officials. 

The abuse and torture she experienced has left her with emotional and physical trauma. Due to her injuries, she is unable to work as an artist but she became an agent for artists and Chinese antique.
Emily is actively involved with the Falun Gong community in Canada and is committed to bringing an end to the Falun Gong Genocide in China.