Expert's account


Dr. Mark koltek is a  staff Psychiatrist at the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre. He has been treating Indigenous patients for many years and is a founding member of the Jordan Principle. He is an advocate for better and more efficient allocations of medical resources for Indigenous communities, especially children.  

Dr. Koltek describes trauma as: " a threat upon the body itself ...  as a result the central nerve system releases hormone of adrenaline or cortisol.  That adrenaline causes freeze, fight, flight response which sums up our natural response to threat. We can run away, we can stay and fight it or we can freeze in the face of a threat. " He believes that Indigenous people who were victims of residential schools trauma and ongoing racism have passed their trauma to their children and grandchildren. Dr. Koltek stated that: "When we try to minimize these affects- we are blaming the victims."

Dr. Koltek is optimistic regarding Indigenous healing because he believes that ,  "people  have an openness or a willingness to break through historical racist xenophobia and to be more inclusive."