Expert's account

Dr. Matas Investigation


Dr. Matas is an international lawyer who specializes in human rights, refugees and immigration. He is a member of the Canadian delegation to the United Nations Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court. He is also on the task force for international cooperation on holocaust education, remembrance and research, and the organization on security and cooperation in Europe conferences on anti-semitism and intolerance. 

As a lawyer, he has participated in various legal endeavours as well as lobbying on behalf of those persecuted. He is a whistle blower and a voice for those who are unable to speak for fear of losing their freedom or their life. David was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize for his human rights efforts.

In 2006 David Matas and David Kilgour investigated allegations into forced organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China. 

Despite the lack of eye witness accounts, they concluded that forced organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners occurs in China. As of today, thousands of Falun Gong practitioners  died or went missing without an explanation.

Dr. Matas and David kilgour published their report in 2006 and update  it as additional material becomes available.